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What TikTok teaches us about effective communication

By CT Lin | August 25, 2021

Those of us stuck in the “last century” take heed: TikTok and 15 to 60 second videos are IN.

Cognitive load with the EHR and burnout:

By CT Lin | July 8, 2021

why aren’t we measuring this more?

Covid Vax Status, and Our Mental Health Status

By CT Lin | June 25, 2021

We have a monthly Epic Provider Newsletter where we share system updates, and I send CMIO Update paragraph to my colleagues. Here is my update for this month:

Navigating Open Notes and the Information Blocking Rule: an AMA innovation panel discussion

By CT Lin | June 24, 2021 There are a whole bunch of Open Notes experts (and also me!) on a panel this week (ends tomorrow!) discussing Open Notes experience in regards to the Information Blocking federal rule. Come join us! Ask challenging questions! See what others have done! Lots of discussion on the pros and cons, the pitfalls and the … Continue reading “Navigating Open Notes and the Information Blocking Rule: an AMA innovation panel discussion”

My Failure Resumé (a talk)

By CT Lin | June 9, 2021

What lessons can we learn from CT Lin’s failures?

The Eppendorf, CRISPR, Covid, and my medicine origin story

By CT Lin | May 18, 2021

This post is THREE THINGS. A personal origin story, a (brief) book review, and a connection to recent stories on Pfizer and Moderna Covid vaccines. And, when we’re done, it might even tie together!

INFORMATICS: Put the road signs on the road, not in the garage

By CT Lin | April 27, 2021

Why make folks go to training or read a tip sheet if you could guide them just-in-time as they do their work?

Info Blocking Rule is coming 4/5/2021. Here is some last-minute help for health systems

By CT Lin | March 17, 2021

Break down those barriers!

COVID Vaccines at Colorado’s Epicenter from March 2020: JBS Greeley Beef meat packing plant.

By CT Lin | March 10, 2021

Changing minds with Stories, not Data.

SNAFU tent: Optimizing a Covid-19 Mass Vaccine effort at Many Levels

By CT Lin | March 3, 2021

Dancin’ away troubles at UCHealth’s SNAFU tent for Covid Mass Vaccination

Misleading Patient Portal Data Due To Covid-19?!

By CT Lin | February 10, 2021

What is the Covid Bump in our Patient Portal data, and what does it mean?

Covid Be-Gone. 10,000 Vaccines, One Weekend: UCHealth @ Coors Field.

By CT Lin | February 3, 2021

Billie, Alex, and some crazy doctor, newly recruited Pit Crew. Biggest innovation? Billie’s smiling face on her button! Why haven’t we all done this!?

The Invite-Only Mass Vaccination Trial Run by UCHealth at Coors Field: an Insider’s Peek

By CT Lin | January 27, 2021

Outdoor vaccine guy says: come along, I’ll show you what I learned.

A Good Covid Vaccination Is Like Calligraphy

By CT Lin | January 13, 2021

Join CT on the front line of vaccine clinic at UCHealth!

Sign up for COVID Vaccine at UCHealth. (The EHR is our superpower).

By CT Lin | January 9, 2021

UCHealth, like all health systems across the state of Colorado, are following the guidance of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE). As the guidelines change (sometimes daily!) we follow the guidelines. Our supply of COVID-19 Vaccine is closely tracked, and each next shipment depends on our adherence to guidelines. The change We … Continue reading “Sign up for COVID Vaccine at UCHealth. (The EHR is our superpower).”

What clinical informatics is NOT. Also Nerd Glasses and Propeller Hats.

By CT Lin | November 18, 2020

I’m reading a book called Mindfulness in Plain English: another book my daughter left laying around the house with her annotations in it. I love the underlining and ‘YES!’ marks and also the ‘is it though? You shouldn’t wait to be perfect…’ comments. Just a few short years ago, she was in the playpen, and … Continue reading “What clinical informatics is NOT. Also Nerd Glasses and Propeller Hats.”

UCHealth launches OurNotes: how patients co-author clinic progress notes

By CT Lin | November 11, 2020

As of November 2, 70 primary care practices went live with Our Notes. Read more about OurNotes here. Dr. Tom Delbanco and Jan Walker, researchers at Beth Israel Deaconess initiated and ran the study. In brief, it is a way for patients, just ahead of an upcoming appointment to tell their provider what has happened … Continue reading “UCHealth launches OurNotes: how patients co-author clinic progress notes”

EHR v Covid-19. Trends in testing, telehealth, hospitalizations

By CT Lin | November 4, 2020

Welcome back to Where does the data lead?! Here we are eight plus months into the pandemic and our testing volume and our positivity rates have been up and down. Testing volumes have varied because of limitations on receiving re-agents for our labs to process the specimens. It does appear that our test positivity rate, … Continue reading “EHR v Covid-19. Trends in testing, telehealth, hospitalizations”

My Interview on INFO BLOCKING With 33 Charts

By CT Lin | November 3, 2020

Thanks to Dr. Bryan Vartabedian for a fun wide-ranging conversation about INFO BLOCKING and our information transparency efforts at UCHealth over the past 2 decades. A trip down memory lane, and the potholes I’ve stepped in, and the battle scars from pushing the edge of what providers are ready for… In case you are willing … Continue reading “My Interview on INFO BLOCKING With 33 Charts”

When Can I See Results in My Patient Portal?

By CT Lin | October 28, 2020

We are all scrambling to put together simple documents to explain to patients and providers about INFO BLOCKING / SHARING coming in a week. Here’s our latest document. Link to full PDF here. Feel free to adapt this for your organization. We are also hoping our very smart Epic colleagues in Wisconsin can add a … Continue reading “When Can I See Results in My Patient Portal?”

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