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Invited talks that I've given.

CT Lin and Jennifer Kemp at RSNA 2023 Chicago

Epic man, singing about immediate release of results, covers Anticipatory Guidance.

By CT Lin | November 28, 2023

Immediate release of test results, discussed with a radiologist audience: a pro and con debate. What could go wrong? And, of course, the ukulele.

Podcast with me, CT Lin and John Lynn: CIO Podcast

By CT Lin | November 8, 2023

Now, without further ado, we’re excited to share with you the next episode of the CIO Podcast by Healthcare IT Today.

I’m speaking at CHIME Fall Forum: the pre-course on informatics AND the main forum

By CT Lin | November 1, 2023

Come for the Informatics discussion, stay for the ukulele. Or don’t. Topics: Big Data / AI in practical use; Blowing up the Classroom for EHR Training; Inbasket Hyperobject: what is that, exactly? And can we deconstruct it?

Incremental Healthcare (Dr Nick Van Terheyden) Audio Podcast with CT Lin

By CT Lin | November 1, 2023

An audio podcast of EHR trends including AI chatbots, shiny new objects, and boring old governance.

I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that (updated big data and AI talk for 2023) given at CSO HIMSS Ohio

By CT Lin | October 21, 2023

Will Your Next Doctor Be … A Bot? (SunFest) with bonus uke song

By CT Lin | October 7, 2023

What happens when you put a news reporter, and AI researcher, a Bioethicist and a CMIO together to discuss AI, Chatbots, Bias and emerging trends? You get this highly interactive and entertaining panel. And maybe a song.

Blowing up the training classroom; also putting Roadsigns on the Highway in the EHR

By CT Lin | August 2, 2023

Aren’t you frustrated with EHR usability? Don’t you wish you could see just-in-time guidance in the EHR? If the US Highway system can put signs on the highway, why can’t we?

Wide-Ranging Interview w This Week Health (CT Lin and Bill Russell)

By CT Lin | November 16, 2022

Bill and I chat about Info Blocking, Anticipatory Guidance, Inbasket Redesign, a 350% increase in portal messages, a one-page pediatric medical record, and more!

Tips on Mentorship (a conversation)

By CT Lin | September 7, 2022

The PAC mentor program I recently had the chance to sit down with David Bar-Shain MD, of MetroHealth, who single-handedly started the a mentorship program in the PAC (Physician Advisory Council), hosted at Epic in Verona Wisconsin. The program has been running for 4 years now and has matched over 70 mentor-mentee pairs, over 170 … Continue reading “Tips on Mentorship (a conversation)”

Creativity DOES NOT come from our laptops

By CT Lin | July 6, 2022

For all the great mind mapping tools out there, for all the shiny new apps that covet my attention, when it comes to creative thinking, designing things, or brainstorming a new talk, paper is it. #whyinformatics #hitsm #hcldr

Ethics Grand Rounds: The Ethical Issues with Open Notes and Open Results (CT Lin @ uchealth)

By CT Lin | June 15, 2022

Hear about: Anticipatory Guidance, Cancer Diagnoses revealed online, Risk of marginalization, the Ethics of Ethics notes, and more…

The Pyramid of Possibility: explaining informatics to others

By CT Lin | March 23, 2022

Use this to explain to your colleagues that some requests are easy and others might just be impossible.

Blowing apart EHR classroom training, TikTok, Microlearning (and a uke song)

By CT Lin | March 18, 2022

What does TikTok have to do with Classroom Training? And what is “so last year” with EHR onboarding? And which uke song is up next?

Epic EHR webinar with UCHealth: Inbasket Re-invention: did we really delete 12 million messages?

By CT Lin | March 2, 2022

Yes. Yes, we did.

Sepsis, Machine Learning and the Centaur (my SMILE conference talk)

By CT Lin | January 12, 2022

Find out: What is a centaur and what does it have to do with healthcare? What are the criteria for a good machine learning project? What is the role of a virtual health center with predictive models? And most importantly: What ukulele song goes with machine learning?

Predictive Algorithms Save Lives Sepsis @uchealth: A 5-slide talk

By CT Lin | October 6, 2021

This data dilettante (see previous posts: dilettante #1, dilettante #2) has enjoyed armchair theorizing with all of you, my best (online) friends. Today we explore how our super-smart team scrambled our way to improving sepsis care with a predictive algorithm we built. The old saying goes: the success of any major project in a large … Continue reading “Predictive Algorithms Save Lives Sepsis @uchealth: A 5-slide talk”

My Failure Resumé (a talk)

By CT Lin | June 9, 2021

What lessons can we learn from CT Lin’s failures?

I can see clearly now, my Sprain is gone (ukulele)

By CT Lin | April 16, 2021

Thanks to my collaborators on the Patient Radiology Image Viewing team at UCHealth: Evan Norris MD, Ciarra Halaska, Justin Honce MD, Peter Sachs MD, and Kate Sanfilippo. Come see our talk at Epic XGM 2021 (eXpert Group Meeting) next month! Session Rad 1.4 What’s the TL;DR? Allowing patients to view their radiology images in their … Continue reading “I can see clearly now, my Sprain is gone (ukulele)”

Beautiful Visuals: Gulf Stream, AMOC and “Global Weirding” (nytimes)

By CT Lin | March 9, 2021

I wish our informatics work had beautiful animations like this to bring the lessons home. You must read this, both for the visuals and the powerful impact of the lesson.

My Interview on INFO BLOCKING With 33 Charts

By CT Lin | November 3, 2020

Thanks to Dr. Bryan Vartabedian for a fun wide-ranging conversation about INFO BLOCKING and our information transparency efforts at UCHealth over the past 2 decades. A trip down memory lane, and the potholes I’ve stepped in, and the battle scars from pushing the edge of what providers are ready for… In case you are willing … Continue reading “My Interview on INFO BLOCKING With 33 Charts”