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Simple vs complicated vs complex decisions: a leader’s approach (HBR and Colin Powell) and a reflection

By CT Lin | June 7, 2023

How does electronic Surgical Case Request and electronic Informed Consent illustrate decision-making in complex environments? Here is some of my own heartburn. Also, what does Colin Powell have to say about decision-making?

Home from informatics extravaganza that is AMIA

By CT Lin | May 25, 2023

Great entry from my Zen Calendar. And reflections on AMIA Spring Conference.

APSO Notes: what Machiavelli taught me

By CT Lin | May 24, 2023

What does a book from the 15th century, my own pediatric record, and APSO notes have to do with modern informatics?

Dr. Rob Turer and Open Results at AMIA. What do patients prefer?

By CT Lin | May 24, 2023

Rob Turer presenting the major Open Results paper at #AMIA #CIC2023. 95% of patients who received results PREFER to see it immediately even if not normal! precounseling MIGHT help! Thanks Dr. Turer for laying a data foundation for patient information transparency.

AMIA Clinical Informatics Conference — Live tweet

By CT Lin | May 23, 2023

Here we are. What strikes me first, is the number of close friends and colleagues present (yes you know who you are). It is gratifying to reconnect with ‘our people’. So cool to hear about our colleagues building resilience, pushing to reduce technical burdens, strengthening relationships. This should be a fun few days.

Automation Complacency, The Stepladder of AI in EHR’s, “Writing a note is how I think”. WHAT NOW?

By CT Lin | May 16, 2023

A navel-gazing reflection on GPT, human cognitive effort, and the stepladder to the future. Where do YOU stand?

Seeking and Finding Mentorship for Physician and APP Informaticists (at XGM Epic)

By CT Lin | May 10, 2023

Thanks to Christina Jung and Esther Park, Assistant Directors of the PACmentor program, founded by David Bar-Shain at MetroHealth. They’ll be at Epic UGM looking to sign up more mentors and mentees in clinical informatics; come join!

“I don’t think it should take you 3 days to tell me that my baby is dead” (Information Blocking anecdote, and JAMIA journal article)

By CT Lin | May 3, 2023 Congratulations to Dr. Stephen Rotholz, outstanding colleague and informaticist, who authored this paper describing our organization’s journey to deliver test results immediately, supporting information transparency. Trouble is, sometimes the results can be life-altering, causing patient distress and anxiety. And of course, this happened on a Friday afternoon. Our open-access article details what exactly happened, … Continue reading ““I don’t think it should take you 3 days to tell me that my baby is dead” (Information Blocking anecdote, and JAMIA journal article)”

EHR inbox @ucsf (a talk by me, CT Lin!)

By CT Lin | April 27, 2023

Here are my slides for EHR inbox innovation at UChealth. Including deleting 12 million messages from the inbox. And setting new teamwork standards.

EHR Inbox @ucsf Hoifing Poon, PhD from Microsoft research

By CT Lin | April 27, 2023

What is Microsoft doing in the research and innovation space with LLM (large language models) matching complex cancer patients to clinical trials.

EHR Inbox @ucsf by Maria Byron MD at UCSF

By CT Lin | April 27, 2023

The brave souls at UCSF. Billing for online patient messages = eVisits.

EHR inbox Kris Lee MD Permanente medical group

By CT Lin | April 27, 2023

Dr. Kris Lee showing us development work at KP.

EHR inbox @ucsf Jane Fogg MD

By CT Lin | April 27, 2023

Use data to redesign inbox work at Atrius. What did they figure out?! Out of box ideas as well as executing on standard work.

EHR Inbox quote on reinventing inbox

By CT Lin | April 27, 2023

‘We run primary care (in Canada) like a bunch of convenience stores. Maybe we need to be more systematic.’ —Onil Bhattacharyya. Wow, spot on, sir, for all of us.

EHR Inbox @UCSF Julia Adler-Milstein PhD

By CT Lin | April 27, 2023

Transformation of work from paper to electronic inbox. Historical perspective and also ideas about where we might go next.

EHR Inbox. Canadaian experience

By CT Lin | April 27, 2023

Online messaging is a challenge in Canada perhaps even more than in the US

EHR Inbox seminar Liz Salmi

By CT Lin | April 27, 2023

Liz Salmi tells us about the Patients Inbox. Her journey with a astrocytoma brain tumor and her medical sojourn. ‘An insane experience.’ And ‘I was anchored by the patient portal’

EHR Inbox @UCSF Kaiser Permanente approach

By CT Lin | April 27, 2023

3 premises. Inbox work is stress. Quantity drives workload. System leaders are needed to do this work.


By CT Lin | April 27, 2023

Chris Sinsky speaking about the EHR transfer of work to physicians. And the impact of cognitive load on burnout. We are underperforming and under resourced in ambulatory care, nationwide.


By CT Lin | April 27, 2023

Productivity paradox. Why are we not more efficient with fancier tools? But it should get better, right?

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