Here are my posts on Informatics and EHR (electronic health records).

Swapping or Merging EHR’s? Don’t Make Me Start with a Blank chart! Or Should We?

By CT Lin | January 11, 2023

You’re kidding right? No one wants to start with a BLANK EHR screen when seeing patients. There HAS to be a way to automatically move data from ___ EHR (fill in name) to ___ EHR (fill in name), RIGHT? RIGHT?

Grow humans, not IT employees (PIG-let series)

By CT Lin | December 1, 2022

What do the books Good to Great (Collins) and How to Raise an Adult (Lythcott-Haims) have to do with Informatics? Don’t you wish you knew… (UPDATE! Link to Sinek’s Infinite game 2 minute summary)

Wide-Ranging Interview w This Week Health (CT Lin and Bill Russell)

By CT Lin | November 16, 2022

Bill and I chat about Info Blocking, Anticipatory Guidance, Inbasket Redesign, a 350% increase in portal messages, a one-page pediatric medical record, and more!

Dig Deeper: A Case Report of Finding (and Fixing) the Root Cause of Add-On Laboratory Failures

By CT Lin | October 5, 2022

Excess venipunctures can be caused by Electronic Health Record-related factors. By doing a root cause analysis, we eliminated about 1000 unnecessary blood draws monthly. Cool informatics work by smart colleagues.

Help! Secure Chat in Epic, a ukulele EHR parody

By CT Lin | September 28, 2022

The latest ukulele song. Yet another illustration of how Culture Eats Technology for Lunch.

90 x 4, don’t bother me no more (ukulele)

By CT Lin | September 16, 2022

Thanks to Chris Sinsky’s saying “90×4, don’t bother me no more”. Here’s a ukulele ditty go along with that. We’re making these changes to our inbasket for noncontrolled, maintenance meds.

Tips on Mentorship (a conversation)

By CT Lin | September 7, 2022

The PAC mentor program I recently had the chance to sit down with David Bar-Shain MD, of MetroHealth, who single-handedly started the a mentorship program in the PAC (Physician Advisory Council), hosted at Epic in Verona Wisconsin. The program has been running for 4 years now and has matched over 70 mentor-mentee pairs, over 170 … Continue reading “Tips on Mentorship (a conversation)”

Where do you keep the (informatics) pixie dust? (borrowed from NYTimes)

By CT Lin | August 31, 2022

This is hilarious: angsty flowcharts to help guide readers. Must-read article. Thank you to Fawzy Taylor, whose brainchild this is. Fantastic in so many ways. Why can’t we build our informatics and our internal education this way? For example, for newbie informaticists, how about my book-recs graphic above, based on the same idea? CMIO’s take? … Continue reading “Where do you keep the (informatics) pixie dust? (borrowed from NYTimes)”

Door-dash ride along, a parent’s and informaticist’s view

By CT Lin | August 10, 2022

Ever wonder what the gig economy is all about? What is the experience of drivers, interacting with restaurants, with traffic, with the AI-in-the-cloud, with customers? My son recently turned to this service to make some cash prior to his upcoming trip. Wonder of wonders, he offered to let me come ride-along for a few hours … Continue reading “Door-dash ride along, a parent’s and informaticist’s view”

Cutlery Illustrates Good Informatics Design (thanks @DirkMD)

By CT Lin | August 5, 2022 This is brilliant. That is all.

City Scooters: an informatics viewpoint

By CT Lin | June 17, 2022

A colleague and I were recently making fun of tourists and others riding the city scooters around Seattle and other large cities. Nearly no one was wearing helmets, they’re zipping in and out of traffic, going up against SUV’s and 16 wheelers. Just asking for it. Now, it is true that Seattle has some the … Continue reading “City Scooters: an informatics viewpoint”

Ethics Grand Rounds: The Ethical Issues with Open Notes and Open Results (CT Lin @ uchealth)

By CT Lin | June 15, 2022

Hear about: Anticipatory Guidance, Cancer Diagnoses revealed online, Risk of marginalization, the Ethics of Ethics notes, and more…

My newest ukulele EHR parody song: Inbasket Dynamite

By CT Lin | May 4, 2022

Has anyone ever written a K-pop anthem into an EHR parody? Is it possible to set an hyperobject to music? Regrettably, someone has tried.

Patients View their Own Radiology Images Online: first published experience (UCHealth)

By CT Lin | April 25, 2022

What uses did they find for these images? Does UCHealth recommend this practice? Did CT Lin get fired as a result of these actions? #hcldr #whyinformatics #hitsm #hotoffthepress

HIMSStv: video interview about innovation and RxRevu, real-time benefits at UCHealth

By CT Lin | April 20, 2022

We talk about EHR optimization, clinician burnout, real-time prescription cost data

“The useful part of a pot is where there is no pot” -Audrey Tang, Digital Minister of Taiwan

By CT Lin | April 7, 2022

Hollowed out
clay makes a pot.
Where the pot’s not
Is where its useful.

Clinical Informatics Leadership Bootcamp, CHIME, Salt Lake, May 2022 (I’m teaching!)

By CT Lin | April 6, 2022

What will CT Lin be teaching at the next Informatics Leadership Bootcamp? And, will there be ukulele?

A picture of change (and inspiration for informatics. NYTimes)

By CT Lin | March 30, 2022

From the Metropolitan Museum of Art via NYTimes: a Japanese Print to teach us about the modern world

The Pyramid of Possibility: explaining informatics to others

By CT Lin | March 23, 2022

Use this to explain to your colleagues that some requests are easy and others might just be impossible.

Blowing apart EHR classroom training, TikTok, Microlearning (and a uke song)

By CT Lin | March 18, 2022

What does TikTok have to do with Classroom Training? And what is “so last year” with EHR onboarding? And which uke song is up next?

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