Here are my posts on Informatics and EHR (electronic health records).

Project CORE, e-Consults and my 1997 view “email should be part of an electronic record”

By CT Lin | November 29, 2023

In 25 years, communication technologies have gone through several generations of change. Look back and see what I saw in 1997.

CT Lin and Jennifer Kemp at RSNA 2023 Chicago

Epic man, singing about immediate release of results, covers Anticipatory Guidance.

By CT Lin | November 28, 2023

Immediate release of test results, discussed with a radiologist audience: a pro and con debate. What could go wrong? And, of course, the ukulele.

Predicting Sepsis and Virtual Health Center at UCHealth: News. Colorado Sun

By CT Lin | November 22, 2023

Saving lives at UCHealth: a combination of predictive analytics (AI) and a dedicated team: the Virtual Health Center nurses. Come see how the sausage is made (kinda cool)

Podcast with me, CT Lin and John Lynn: CIO Podcast

By CT Lin | November 8, 2023

Now, without further ado, we’re excited to share with you the next episode of the CIO Podcast by Healthcare IT Today.

Incremental Healthcare (Dr Nick Van Terheyden) Audio Podcast with CT Lin

By CT Lin | November 1, 2023

An audio podcast of EHR trends including AI chatbots, shiny new objects, and boring old governance.

New Research: Information transparency with immediate release: Oncology clinician and patient perceptions

By CT Lin | October 27, 2023

Highlights: Clinicians and patients have varying insights on the role of immediately released reports (pathology/radiology) in oncology. We must support the expansion of patient-centered strategies and tools for patient understanding and empowerment. These include patient portal tools (glossaries, summaries, and additional information) embedded into released results.

I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that (updated big data and AI talk for 2023) given at CSO HIMSS Ohio

By CT Lin | October 21, 2023

Will Your Next Doctor Be … A Bot? (SunFest) with bonus uke song

By CT Lin | October 7, 2023

What happens when you put a news reporter, and AI researcher, a Bioethicist and a CMIO together to discuss AI, Chatbots, Bias and emerging trends? You get this highly interactive and entertaining panel. And maybe a song.

from Dall-E via BING

Work-in-progress. Improving Patient AND Physician Understanding of Radiology Reports

By CT Lin | September 27, 2023

Help us solve a conundrum! We want to teach physicians just-in-time. However, this may worsen a patient’s understanding of a radiology report. Can we make this a win-win?

Advances in PGx (Pharmacogenomic or Drug-gene interaction) at UCHealth (guest bloggers Dr. Christina Aquilante and Dr. David Kao)

By CT Lin | September 20, 2023

Pharmacogenomics is advancing quickly: we can warn prescribers in the EHR when patients have genomic variants that reduce medication effectiveness. We are going from screening populations (18,000 so far), to anticipatory screening for high risk patients (cancer center patients about to choose a chemotherapy). Cool.

Designing for Health podcast (Salmi, Steitz, Lin) on Patients Receiving Test Results Immediately

By CT Lin | September 16, 2023

Caution: humor and high quality research facts ahead! What percent of patients worry? What percent of patients prefer immediate release even if result is abnormal? There are research findings?

Podcast: Designing for Health: Do patients want to see their test results immediately? (hint: 96% say yes)

By CT Lin | September 15, 2023

Come join us! Dr. Bryan Steiz, first author, Liz Salmi, Chief Patient Informaticist, and I discuss our recent publication on the subject of patients accessing their test results online BEFORE their doctor can inform them. This poses a host of gnarly questions that had no data, no answers … UNTIL NOW. 

HERE IT IS! EMOJI’s Have Arrived in Epic Secure Chat

By CT Lin | September 13, 2023

It is hard to express the excitement I have for this tiny little (yet disproportionately huge) development in our Unified Communications strategy

AI and reinventing learning in health systems (Beckers podcast, with ME!)

By CT Lin | September 8, 2023

Where Bobby Zarr and I discuss the future of learning in health systems, with AI embedded in tools like the ones in our Learning Assistant, what we internally brand our education from uPerform. 

Blowing up the training classroom; also putting Roadsigns on the Highway in the EHR

By CT Lin | August 2, 2023

Aren’t you frustrated with EHR usability? Don’t you wish you could see just-in-time guidance in the EHR? If the US Highway system can put signs on the highway, why can’t we?

The Fatal Uber Self Driving Car Saga is Over (NYTimes) and Automation Complacency

By CT Lin | July 28, 2023

The classic case of the Uber self driving car, in-person monitor, and the fatal pedestrian accident, is now legally concluded. A sober reminder of ALL OUR complacencies. Or paraphrasing Shakespeare: “But, soft ye now, the fair Ophelia, nymph in thy orisons, be all my complacencies remembered.”

Information Blocking / Sharing NEW UPDATE summer 2023

By CT Lin | July 26, 2023

Any health systems still struggling with decisions about sharing Open Notes and Open Test Results, and how to build a win-win-win relationship between physicians/APP’s, patients and hospital leadership? Here you go, the result of years of building together at UCHealth

Grok the Bones of a Good Story (a talk proposal for CHIME fall forum 2023)

By CT Lin | June 23, 2023

Here’s a sneak peak at my newest talk. Did someone’s story defeat your data-driven brilliant proposal? Do you understand why? Like me, did you go crawl under a rock and wonder “wtf”? With luck, I’ll share this talk in November.

Give us feedback on EHR optimization at your health system (from UCHealth and UVermont)

By CT Lin | June 22, 2023

Do you struggle with EHR workflow and optimization? Do you have an optimization team where you work? Can you tell us about it? We’re gathering a national feedback sample. Come help make things better!

Work-in-progress: Reducing Alert Fatigue with our EMO committee

By CT Lin | June 21, 2023

Want to see how the sausage is made? Here are some tidbits from our recent EMO discussion. Yes, our committee is named Electronic Medication (warning) Optimization. Who doesn’t want the “EMO notes”?