Here are my posts on Informatics and EHR (electronic health records).

Ethics Grand Rounds: The Ethical Issues with Open Notes and Open Results (CT Lin @ uchealth)

By CT Lin | June 15, 2022

Hear about: Anticipatory Guidance, Cancer Diagnoses revealed online, Risk of marginalization, the Ethics of Ethics notes, and more…

My newest ukulele EHR parody song: Inbasket Dynamite

By CT Lin | May 4, 2022

Has anyone ever written a K-pop anthem into an EHR parody? Is it possible to set an hyperobject to music? Regrettably, someone has tried.

Patients View their Own Radiology Images Online: first published experience (UCHealth)

By CT Lin | April 25, 2022

What uses did they find for these images? Does UCHealth recommend this practice? Did CT Lin get fired as a result of these actions? #hcldr #whyinformatics #hitsm #hotoffthepress

HIMSStv: video interview about innovation and RxRevu, real-time benefits at UCHealth

By CT Lin | April 20, 2022

We talk about EHR optimization, clinician burnout, real-time prescription cost data

“The useful part of a pot is where there is no pot” -Audrey Tang, Digital Minister of Taiwan

By CT Lin | April 7, 2022

Hollowed out
clay makes a pot.
Where the pot’s not
Is where its useful.

Clinical Informatics Leadership Bootcamp, CHIME, Salt Lake, May 2022 (I’m teaching!)

By CT Lin | April 6, 2022

What will CT Lin be teaching at the next Informatics Leadership Bootcamp? And, will there be ukulele?

A picture of change (and inspiration for informatics. NYTimes)

By CT Lin | March 30, 2022

From the Metropolitan Museum of Art via NYTimes: a Japanese Print to teach us about the modern world

The Pyramid of Possibility: explaining informatics to others

By CT Lin | March 23, 2022

Use this to explain to your colleagues that some requests are easy and others might just be impossible.

Blowing apart EHR classroom training, TikTok, Microlearning (and a uke song)

By CT Lin | March 18, 2022

What does TikTok have to do with Classroom Training? And what is “so last year” with EHR onboarding? And which uke song is up next?

CMIO 3.0, according to Healthcare Innovation (and quotes from me)

By CT Lin | March 16, 2022

Hear from Drs. Pageler, Hanson, DePuy (and me) about how the CMIO role has evolved and where we think this role is headed.

Project Joy and reducing the EHR burden for nurses

By CT Lin | March 14, 2022

Congratulations to our own Bonnie Adrian, PhD, with amazing work to reduce the nurse EHR burden. The article highlights the improvements we made in Project Joy.

Parkview Epic go live 3/10. A panoply of ukulele parody songs?

By CT Lin | March 10, 2022

Funny how after the hard work, the long planning hours, the anxiety about building a robust system for colleagues to use to care for patients, it boils down to this. At least in my world. Recounting our go lives, in our 12-hospital pluse 4-affiliate-hospital system on our Epic EHR instance, this is my 8th hospital … Continue reading “Parkview Epic go live 3/10. A panoply of ukulele parody songs?”

Parkview Epic go live 3/9: Monkey Brains, a Haiku, and Physician Technology Adoption

By CT Lin | March 9, 2022

Day 4 End of day 4 of and EHR go live. Are we getting punchy? No, this is a real sushi roll from a real restaurant here in Pueblo. How can we not order Monkey Brains from the menu? A pretty good day overall. Our physician informatics team is doing the rounds on 6 floors … Continue reading “Parkview Epic go live 3/9: Monkey Brains, a Haiku, and Physician Technology Adoption”

Parkview Epic go live 3/8

By CT Lin | March 8, 2022

Lots of technology are embedded in hospitals. Here are some used rechargeable batteries for telemetry monitors. Parkview also has robotic assistants, as seen in posters in elevators. We are working on solutions for badge tappers that speed up login into the EHR, as well as Dragon microphones for capturing provider speech into the crucial narratives … Continue reading “Parkview Epic go live 3/8”

Parkview Epic go live 3/7 #2. The Slopper!

By CT Lin | March 7, 2022

Our physician informatics go live team, after a day of supporting a 350 bed hospital and dozens of clinics on a new EHR. We are still smiling! The alcohol helps. So does the telling of tall tales. And so does the Slopper. Apparently the signature food of Pueblo, and we are at the dive bar … Continue reading “Parkview Epic go live 3/7 #2. The Slopper!”

Parkview Epic go live 3/7

By CT Lin | March 7, 2022

Parkview is joining our UChealth Epic EHR patient portal where we are sharing patient test results including lab results, radiology studies and pathology results as well as progress notes, H/P’s, discharge summaries, all of it. For some docs this will be a significant culture change. At UCHealth we have been delivering on these immediate settings … Continue reading “Parkview Epic go live 3/7”

Parkview Epic go live 3/6 pm. The helpful hardware man.

By CT Lin | March 6, 2022

Walking the hospital, it is easy to see the Epic helpers: we are wearing red shirts, red lanyards, red vests (mine makes me look like the that old advertisement: ‘ACE is the place with the helpful hardware man!’). Our command center, with 100% vaccinated uchealth team, is unmasked in non clinical areas, per our state … Continue reading “Parkview Epic go live 3/6 pm. The helpful hardware man.”

Parkview Epic go live update 3/6

By CT Lin | March 6, 2022

Wow, spotted some legacy charts on the medical floor during our go live. Flashback to 1999 for me: I used to come to each nursing station and walk from nurse to nurse and ask ‘do you have Ms. Smiths’s chart? how about you? You? Anyone? Then, finding the blue plastic chart, try to read the … Continue reading “Parkview Epic go live update 3/6”

Parkview Epic go live #4

By CT Lin | March 5, 2022

Walking the skybridge from the medical office building and parking garage to the main hospital. Dr. Caldwell, the hospital’s Epic champion, and also anesthesiologist and also a Specialist training Specialists. Much as I originally doubted the idea that we could effectively get busy practicing docs to decrement their busy clinical schedules and not only learn … Continue reading “Parkview Epic go live #4”

Parkview Epic Go-Live #3

By CT Lin | March 5, 2022

Breakfast of champions. Banana, yogurt, OJ, some sliced bread. Back to the wards for more bedside support! Saturdays are a great go-live day since there are few surgeries and endoscopies. ICU, med-surg floors and OB floor is active as usual. Weekend rounding allows docs to come if a little layers, so early morning is quieter … Continue reading “Parkview Epic Go-Live #3”