Will Your Next Doctor Be … A Bot? (SunFest) with bonus uke song

What happens when you put a news reporter, and AI researcher, a Bioethicist and a CMIO together to discuss AI, Chatbots, Bias and emerging trends? You get this highly interactive and entertaining panel. And maybe a song.

Thanks to the Colorado Sun, and XCEL Energy for sponsoring our panel on AI in Healthcare at SunFest, held in Denver on the Auraria Campus of the University of Colorado.

I very much enjoyed this conversation with my colleagues at the University of Colorado, including Dr. Casey Greene, Director of the Center for Health AI, Dr. Matthew DeCamp, Bioethicist at the Center for Bioethics, and practicing general internist.

Among other topics, we covered:

  • AI, Large Language Models and Chatbots, defined
  • Predictive analytics and how they’re different from Chatbot AI
  • The potential dark side of AI in healthcare
  • Using ChatGPT-like tools in summarizing electronic health records, in helping doctors write progress notes, and in helping physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and nurses, reply to patients via online messages.
  • Risks of automation, including Automation Complacency
  • The risk of hidden bias in AI, and how that compares with existing bias in healthcare today
  • Future plans for AI in healthcare

Listen to the end for an updated version of “Hospital of the Rising Sun – Pandemic Edition” with me and my trusty ukulele.

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Author: CT Lin

CMIO, UCHealth (Colorado); Professor, University of Colorado School of Medicine

One thought on “Will Your Next Doctor Be … A Bot? (SunFest) with bonus uke song”

  1. Dr. Lin. Great session thanks for being part of the panel. You certainly highlighted an issue that is frequently overlooked in brining anything new into a healthcare system or a change in a process or system— implementation (and maintenance) is a significant cause of the change or new intervention to make an improvement. It has been proven time and again that just obtaining a protocol that has been successful in managing a pathology (say cystic fibrosis) at one institution and applying it in another institution usually is unsuccessful. Implementation and change culture is a lever that should never be overlooked.

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