Seeking and Finding Mentorship for Physician and APP Informaticists (at XGM Epic)

Thanks to Christina Jung and Esther Park, Assistant Directors of the PACmentor program, founded by David Bar-Shain at MetroHealth. They’ll be at Epic UGM looking to sign up more mentors and mentees in clinical informatics; come join!

Pictured here: this blog author, Bethany Muchow, admin extraordinaire supporting physician/APP informatics; David Little, Epic physician; Esther Park of ICHS in Seattle; Christina Jung of Altamed-CHLA in Los Angeles, Chris Alban, Epic physician. Not pictured: David Bar-Shain from MetroHealth, founder of the PACmentor program.

We had a wonderful chat about the PACmentor (Physician Advisory Council mentorship program) and how it has grown over the years, matching about 150 mentors and mentees among physicians and APPs attending the Epic UGM and XGM meetings and in the larger Epic universe.

What’s great about this, is that, we can share our lessons learned across a great spectrum:

  • How to teach best-practices in using an EHR
  • How to connect with medical and operational leaders in your organization
  • How to integrate technology tools and decisions into effective teamwork
  • How to think about information transparency with patients in an EHR
  • How to manage and lead changes in the EHR AND in organizational culture
  • How to connect with other health systems struggling with similar work
  • How to learn from others so we don’t step in the same pothole
  • How to use storytelling WITH data to defeat counterproductive stories
  • How to grow our skills by learning from senior informaticists
  • How to develop a book club and bring new ideas to the table

Who doesn’t want that? Even better, the regular human interaction in effective groups (like the PACmentor program) itself protects against burnout among informaticists.

CMIO’s take? Even CMIO’s benefit from being part of PACmentor and being a mentee and/or a mentor (I know I do). Come join us at the anticipated UN-session at UGM (User Group Meeting) at Epic in August 2023 or on the forums (coming soon!).

Author: CT Lin

CMIO, UCHealth (Colorado); Professor, University of Colorado School of Medicine

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