Password B-Gone! Reducing the EHR burden

Does your EHR require re-entering password from prescribers to transmit a non-controlled med to pharmacy? For UCHealth the answer was “yes” until this week.

Here is a copy of our broadcast email that goes out to the 2000 members of the University of Colorado School of Medicine faculty and staff every week: our Wellness Wednesday.
Thank you to the Epic IT and Informatics teams for helping design and implement the REMOVAL of password requirements for prescribing an outpatient prescription or renewal.
How big is this news? At UCHealth, we wrote 7 million prescriptions last year.
Passwords are still required at login to the Epic EHR, but the re-typing of passwords for non-controlled (eg, non-opiate, non-stimulant, non-benzodiazepine etc) prescriptions is no longer held to be a safety concern. Furthermore, the technical and policy hurdles for this removal have been discussed and addressed.
This is a lot less typing burden in the EHR. You’re welcome! Look for more improvements from our Informatics and Epic teams in months to come.
CT Lin MD | Professor, CU School of Medicine | CMIO, UCHealth

Author: CT Lin

CMIO, UCHealth (Colorado); Professor, University of Colorado School of Medicine

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