DALL-E Mini Is the Internet’s Favorite AI Meme Machine (Wired.com)


How can this be real? Read the story above at Wired.com.

I typed “Elephants breakdancing at midnight” into the prompt, and seriously, about a minute later I get this on my screen.

Let’s not go into why that sentence came out of my head thru my fingers, and instead focus on the technology. There is an AI, with the internet as infinite visual resource, that can now take brief text prompts and then render them for your viewing pleasure.

This is mind-blowing. Here’s “Frolicking Flying Cars”

Here’s “A family of dolphins using iPhones in the style of Picasso”

Here’s “Speed skating in the style of a Chinese landscape painting”


What is real? What is imaginary? Who drew this? Try it yourself at http://www.craiyon.com !

Author: CT Lin

CMIO, UCHealth (Colorado); Professor, University of Colorado School of Medicine

One thought on “DALL-E Mini Is the Internet’s Favorite AI Meme Machine (Wired.com)”

  1. I understand that DALL-E also won a very prestigious art contest which has been a bit controversial.

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