CT meditates: a comedy (16). Mindfulness Quiz, and “Smile…Breathe…This is a test”



I like this mindfulness quiz.

Just going through this, lets you take a step back and think about your own approach to mindfulness.

What tricks do you use in your daily practice?

One idea I heard from a Communications workshop participant recently: when about to step into what you anticipate to be a difficult situation, think to yourself:
“Smile… Breathe … This is a test.”

Meaning that: smiling helps set a tone for your own nonverbals and body. Then a deep breath signals cleansing thoughts and being present. Then “this is a test” reminds us that we may be On Stage, not to take things personally. Maybe this is a puzzle that can be looked at objectively and solved with patience.” I like this idea very much.

Another colleague once said that her momentary mindfulness trick was, just before knocking on the next exam room door and entering, she would say to herself: “Let me stay out of the way.” Then take a breath, knock, and enter the room. Nice! I have started to make this a habit before knocking on every exam room door. Works wonders (when I remember).

Remember, if you’re coming on the 3-minute daily journey with me:  eyes closed, with just the simple goal of spending 3 minutes in a comfortable pose, and focusing on breath. Then to watch the inevitable stream of thoughts floating by, observing each one as a puffy cloud, letting it just drift by without diving into it, and returning to breath.

CMIO’s take? Smile. Breathe. This is a test.

Author: CT Lin

CMIO, UCHealth (Colorado); Professor, University of Colorado School of Medicine

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