CT meditates: a comedy (17). You are not yet perfect.


Yoga pose ASANA, I’m told. I’m pretty sure that most Yoga poses are beyond me. We did do some yoga during our Thanksgiving Retreat and Renewal. This is where I discovered my ineptitude. And I got past it and still enjoyed the impossibility of some of the yoga poses.

From the Book of Joy (pg 92), I loved a particular quote from the Dalai Lama:

I would say to everyone: You are made for perfection, but you are not yet perfect. You are masterpiece in the making.

I love this. You can say this to your downtrodden colleague. To yourself. To your tumultuous offspring. To your spouse (carefully!).

Remember: those coming on the journey: 3 minutes of meditation every day! I’m holding both of us accountable to this important habit!

CMIO’s take? You are not yet perfect. Neither am I.

Author: CT Lin

CMIO, UCHealth (Colorado); Professor, University of Colorado School of Medicine

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