TikTok Education Strikes Again: Be a Haiku Hero!

I have always wanted to wear a cowboy hat, pink with flashing lights. And now, my dream has come true. Here is our latest 60-second education video on how to configure your Epic Haiku iPhone secure chat settings for success.

I am getting into ultra-short form education. One minute to jam-pack a bunch of ideas into a quick (and hopefully entertaining) video. Here’s how I built this:

  1. Set yourself an unrealistic expectation to teach sophisticated Secure Chat settings to physicians / APP’s in 60 seconds.
  2. Broach the TikTok video idea to disbelieving and pessimistic informatics colleagues
  3. Turn off the computer, clear your desk, take out a yellow paper pad and sketch out a storyboard for how this will go, six frames to a page. Sit with head-in-hands, thinking “Make it shorter! Make it funnier! But How?!”


  1. From that, write up 5-second video scripts and clothing and prop requirements for each video
  2. Text your disbelieving colleagues at the last minute, the morning of your next Large PIG (physician/APP informatics group) in-person meeting to ask for a patient gown, scrubs, white coat, other stuff like a cowboy hat, jack-in-the-box, whatever they can steal from their kids that morning.
  3. Run the (exhausting for an introvert) 2-hour Large PIG meeting in the boardroom and then recruit a handful of colleagues to stay late and shoot 5-second videos until the shot-list is done.
  4. Block out the calendar for an entire day of struggle, fire up Final Cut Pro on the laptop, open YouTube to learn how to use Final Cut, and stumble your way to an amateur production of BE A HAIKU HERO.
  5. Show your colleagues the result. Ignore the fake vomiting noises and keep going anyway.
  6. Ask Epic Wisconsin nicely for permission to use a screenshot and post it to on Youtube and the blogosphere.
  7. Apologize to your marketing department for the completely amateurish nature of the resulting video.

See? Totally simple.

Here you go.

Author: CT Lin

CMIO, UCHealth (Colorado); Professor, University of Colorado School of Medicine

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