Chris Sinsky speaking about the EHR transfer of work to physicians. And the impact of cognitive load on burnout. We are underperforming and under resourced in ambulatory care, nationwide.

Chris Sinsky MD: now refocusing the wellness and joy work at the AMA is focused on the inbox for 2023 and 2024.

What about the not -sexy ideas? is technology necessarily the solution for technology problems?

Also, although burnout manifests in physicians/APPs, it may originate in systems (how we work together in healthcare).

Consider that the EHR transferred work to the physician/APP. Liz Harry’s work on cognitive load demonstrates this.

Pajama time is, unfortunately a well known term now for how physicians work with the EHR into the evening on inbox work.

Physician don’t leave their job or their boss. They leave their inbox.

Interestingly, many docs are not quitting entirely, they are cutting back their hours and yet their inbox burden GOES UP AS a consequence.

And, it is worse for women physicians/APPs. And this is NOT because there are more women in the workforce. Hmm.

And here are some solutions written and summarized by the AMA. available at Steps Forward website with the AMA.

Some specific things you can do now. Including DC the CC.

The great news? There is so much opportunity for improvement in our systems.

This quote, from Catherine Lucey at UCSF as cited by Chris Sinsky, is everything.

Author: CT Lin

CMIO, UCHealth (Colorado); Professor, University of Colorado School of Medicine

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