How you name YOUR teams (the daily JIG)

Do you have fun at work? Do you have committees named WONK, Large PIG, Small PIG, PIGlets, Daily JIG, SONG, PROM, SPOC, EMO? Perhaps GUANO? Maybe we did.

Thanks to our intrepid, good-humored team of informaticists at UCHealth. Led by myself and Alice Pekarek, our Director of Clinical Informatics, our team of nearly 40 physicians/APPs/nurses (not all pictured here), are the reason that our electronic health record works as well as it does for us. We are taking a well-deserved break at a local watering hole.

Sure, we are nowhere near where we would like to be, but our teams are laser-focused on making improvements, reducing clinician burden, improving information transparency for our patients, taking us to the next level for high quality patient care.

And, they’re fun to work with. A sample of how we’ve named our teams:

Large PIG: Physician/APP Informatics Group. We meet monthly to discuss ongoing high profile projects and debate system-level changes that affect all 4000 physicians/APPs, all 12 hospitals and affiliates.

Small PIG: my Senior Medical Directors of Informatics, my “kitchen cabinet” of advisors

PIGlets: our newest physician/APP informaticists, who participate in our book club, with Leading Change, Crucial Conversations, Good to Great, and our current book for next month, Wabi Sabi: the wisdom in imperfection (Suzuki).

Daily JIG: At the height of the pandemic in 2020, our Joint Informatics Group (nurse informaticists as well as physician informaticists) met daily to hash out rapidly changing protocols and build tools to support best practices.

WONK: Workgroup Orderset Nowledge Kommittee (ok, I had to torture the words to make this work; our system-wide orderset synchronization efforts)

SONG: System Operations Note Group (unifying progress note templates)

PROM: Provider Review and Operations Management. Ambulatory proposed tweaks to our EHR, discussion and approval

SPOC: System Protocol Operations Committee

EMO: Electronic Medication Optimization

GUANO (Ok, this was a failed attempt to get the Allscripts Touchworks Academic Advisory Group to agree to Group of Users at Academic-centers, the National Organization). This was not approved. 🙁

CMIO’s take? Where are YOU injecting fun / humor / moments of joy into your work? Let me know!

Author: CT Lin

CMIO, UCHealth (Colorado); Professor, University of Colorado School of Medicine

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