I am now just eyes and brain in a chair

(okay and fingers on a keyboard)

Is this a universal condition or what? It is nearly 2 years since I set up my basement command center and accepted the 10-12 hour days of zooming and teaming my way through meetings, collaborations and seeing patients.

Charleston Gazette-Mail: Key TCU-WVU stats; brain-scrambling offenses | KillerFrogs.com ...

I just want to acknowledge that visionaries like Gene Roddenberry (Star Trek and the big brain people, above) and Matt Groening and Futurama saw clearly from decades ago, our present condition.

I’ve heard that there is a thing called “outside” that I’m going to go up the stairs and find out, if it exists.

Author: CT Lin

CMIO, UCHealth (Colorado); Professor, University of Colorado School of Medicine

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