Music lessons? Don’t have to drive to Mrs. Bulecza’s house anymore #lifehack

Don’t underestimate the power of the dark side. No, I mean the power of music, in generating happiness and creativity in our lives. I could have the worst day at work, and after a few minutes of ukulele when getting home, it no longer matters. This recent NYTimes article shows the profusion of online services (many free!) to pick up the instrument of your dreams and plunk away.

In my deep, dark past, I rode my bike several blocks away every Tuesday afternoon to Mrs. Bulecza’s house to have my piano lesson. At times, it was a drudgery, to be forced to practice for an hour a day (uhhh! Mom! Whhhhyyyyyy?!?) when it was nice out and your friends were calling for you. (Just kidding, I didn’t actually have any friends growing up). Now, in hindsight, I just regret that my Mom let me STOP taking piano lessons in high school because I had so many more important things to do, and when I want to sit down and sight-read Hiyao Miyazaki’s amazing and beautiful music (Sixth Station from Spirited away), that I can barely do it
(uhhh! Mom! Whhhhyyyyyy did you let me quit lessons?!?) .

My personal favorite, to which I still subscribe, is Ukulele Underground, a fun place to learn ukulele, taught by a former kindergarten teacher (who better than a kindergarten teacher to gently guide you into your ukulele future?) and traveling performer, and full of one minute tips, and more detailed lessons to learn just about anything ukulele. AND, he routinely comes to Denver’s annual Ukefest to perform and teach master classes!

CMIO’s take? What instrument do you play? Or do you PLAN to play? Don’t miss this: it is a COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE for work! Or tell yourself whatever you need to, to pick up an instrument and make your own life better. And (bonus) sometimes you can torture others with bad music that you made.

Author: CT Lin

CMIO, UCHealth (Colorado); Professor, University of Colorado School of Medicine

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