CT meditates: a comedy (10). Bicep Curls for the mind


I’ve heard that meditation is essentially “Bicep Curls for the Mind.” Just like you would train your body in whatever discipline: martial arts, or boxing, a sport, yoga, lifting weights, you can also train your mind for more focus, discipline, productivity.

Creating a habit of meditation of noticing and being present, not only reaps immediate benefits of feeling calmer, more focused, but in the long run generates happiness and joy.

So, coming on the journey with me? I’m going to stay with a 3 minute meditation, eyes closed, with just the simple goal of spending 3 minutes in a comfortable pose, and focusing on breath. Then to watch the inevitable stream of thoughts floating by, observing each one as a puffy cloud, letting it just drift by without diving into it, and returning to my breath.

CMIO’s take? Wow, I’m feeling a bit new-age-y just now. Time to burn some incense and start my New Age Spotify playlist. Watch out.


Author: CT Lin

CMIO, UCHealth (Colorado); Professor, University of Colorado School of Medicine

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