White paper: the Future of EHRs (National Symposium at Stanford)


I had the privilege recently of being invited to a national symposium hosted by Stanford Medicine and Dean Lloyd Minor, sporting numerous EHR clinical experts, informaticists, vendors and other thought leaders. See the resulting white paper (caution, in addition to expert opinions, there are quotes from me):


CMIO’s take? I found it an invigorating, forward thinking symposium with lots of great ideas for where we are and where we are going. Most importantly, we tackled WHY solving the EHR conundrum (so important, but so far from where we need to be) is crucial to the future of healthcare.

Successful Implementation of APSO Notes Across a Major Health System (AJMC publication)

Amber Sieja MD

Congratulations to colleague Amber Sieja MD on her first-author publication of our work on improving EHR (electronic health record) usability by reconfiguring traditional SOAP notes into APSO notes, and then deploying it across an entire health system, AND THEN measuring the outcomes.

As always, a pleasure to work with smart people who can turn their daily work (physician informatics and deploying and improving the EHR) into new knowledge (publications, talks, quality improvement). Congrats to Amber!

“In this study, the authors demonstrate widespread adoption and satisfaction with the novel APSO (Assessment, Plan, Subjective, Objective) format for progress notes at a large, integrated health delivery network.”