Parkview Epic go live 3/6 pm. The helpful hardware man.

Walking the hospital, it is easy to see the Epic helpers: we are wearing red shirts, red lanyards, red vests (mine makes me look like the that old advertisement: ‘ACE is the place with the helpful hardware man!’).

Our command center, with 100% vaccinated uchealth team, is unmasked in non clinical areas, per our state public health guidance as well as internal leadership guidance. It is amazing to see people in person whom we have not seen (other than as Flat-land 2D entities: geek book alert!) in 2.5+ years.

Our team venture out to the floors, the ICU, the ED, the labor deck, all the nooks and crannies where doctors and nurses work. We are calming influences. The adoption of an EHR is always more than just changing documentation practices, it is transforming everything about how we care for patients. We repeat throughout the day: “it will be okay. We are teammates and we will get through this.” When the partnership between organizations goes well, like this, it is a pleasure to build on that colleagiality.

‘This is only our second day on Epic, and it is going great: it is already better than the BEST DAY we ever had on our old system.’

Parkview Health System Inpatient Rehab team

Our go live has had few hiccups this weekend. We even had a mass-casualty event triggered today: 22 car pile up on I-25 this morning in the snowstorm. Fortunately, result from the Emergency department was only 8 patients treated and released with minor injuries.

Step count yesterday: 11,700. Today, 4500. I recall our first Epic go live at the University of Colorado Hospital, I hit 27,000. So, we’re getting better at this. We know the big test is tomorrow with all the clinic going live in 3 campus locations miles apart. The ACE Hardware Man will be there. Wish us luck.

Author: CT Lin

CMIO, UCHealth (Colorado); Professor, University of Colorado School of Medicine

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