Amazon’s AI Flywheel, and what we can learn from it

from amazon dot com

A fascinating look inside Jeff Bezo’s strategy at Amazon, pivoting the entire company on Artificial Intelligence, and how it is driving Echo.

More interestingly for me, how does AI connect throughout that massive company, how has one person brought that single technology under one roof, one connected integrated team, and make the results of that knowledge available to all the other teams previously developing such tech independently?

Finally, how does the AI group create the virtuous flywheel, described in Good to Great. 

Somehow, Amazon has cracked one of the great business puzzles; how to create a small innovative team within a much larger bureaucratic business, that is nimble, learns fast, develops expertise in many related areas (surrounding AI), and then serves up that knowledge to the rest of the organization in useful, coherent, collaborative ways, driving up the value of the entire organization?

Whatever it is, Amazon is bottling it, and Amazon is selling it.

CMIO’s take? The cycle of the virtuous flywheel is our aspirational goal.

Author: CT Lin

CMIO, UCHealth (Colorado); Professor, University of Colorado School of Medicine

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