…and…but…therefore (Thanks, Randy Olsen!)

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“…and…but…therefore” I spoke about briefly on a previous blog post on storytelling.

To remind you, in case you’re interested, Randy Olsen’s book Houston, we have a narrative introduces the world to his astounding idea, that “…and…but…therefore” is a concise way of summarizing an entire story in one sentence. For example, one way to interpret the Wizard of Oz story could be:

“…the story of a little girl living on a farm in Kansas AND her life is boring, BUT one day a tornado sweeps her away to the land of Oz, THEREFORE she must undertake a journey to find her way home.”

Read the book; this is just a taste of the great ideas there-in.

Here’s a counter-example of non-story-telling that illustrates why “And-But-Therefore” is better than most scientific or business write-ups and summaries, that end up being a list of facts “And-And-And.” Can you imagine the Wizard of Oz being an And-and-and?

“Once there was a girl on a farm AND there was a tornado AND she found her way back home.”

I find myself saying “So what?” — I probably wouldn’t read that book.

The NYTimes “dot-earth” blog is a fan of Randy’s as well. Also a worthwhile read.


CMIO’s take:    What is YOUR “…and…but…therefore” story?

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