Parkview Epic go live 3/10. A panoply of ukulele parody songs?

Funny how after the hard work, the long planning hours, the anxiety about building a robust system for colleagues to use to care for patients, it boils down to this. At least in my world.

Recounting our go lives, in our 12-hospital pluse 4-affiliate-hospital system on our Epic EHR instance, this is my 8th hospital go live event (sometimes several hospitals at once) over last 11 years (this does not enumerate the countless clinic go lives we have engineered over the past decade).

The funny thing is, my debut as a ukulele EHR parody performer coincides with our initial Epic go live at the University of Colorado Hospital in September of 2011. I played ‘Epic Man’ for our 50 member command center, a sea of red shirts fielding 7000 complaint calls in the first 5 days from angry doctors and nurses who couldn’t believe we had moved all of their cheeses.

What you may not know is that I’m strongly introverted, and that day almost didn’t happen. My introverted daughter, a tweenager at the time, and super-embarrassed about everything her parents did, saw me planning to take my uke to work and told me: ‘Dad, you’re NOT going to take that to work, are you?! You KNOW you can’t sing, right?!?

Sigh. Fortunately, I overcame that hesitation and brought it anyway. A few years later, I played the same song on the Epic Wisconsin campus:

I thought I would lay out some of the uke parody songs I’ve written over the last 11 years since that fateful day. Last count: 24 songs on my YouTube channel, 12 not yet recorded. Yes, more than you wanted to know!

Hospital of the Rising Sun – pandemic version

Click on me (Epic Command Center)

COVID sea shanty

I’ve been everywhere man (UCHealth geography)

I am not throwin’ away My Shot (COVID)

Morphine (apologies to Eric Clapton’s Cocaine – e-prescribe controlled subst)

UCHealth Rocky Mountain High

Ortho virtual care (Louis Armstrong’s Wonderful World)

Telehealth world (multiple CT Lins – you can never unsee this)

Yampa roads (epic central)

We are physician builders, my friends …

Slicer dicer (coincidentally has the same # of syllables as “Helter Skelter”)

Doc Prudence (Open Notes)

RTBC: Empty wallet.

Everyone knows it’s Becky (practice transformation)

I can see clearly now, my sprain is gone (patients viewing radiology images)

Dear burned out colleague (thank you, Hamilton)

If you’re going to Yampa Valley (If you’re going to San Francisco…)

Yampa Roads (Country Roads)

Another brick in the wall (with apologies to Pink Floyd)

Pina colada EHR analytics

Wonderful world (Epic)

Hospital of the rising sun (original)

If the stars align, we may have future recordings of …

  • Inbasket Dynamite (BTS!)
  • You got a friend in me (Academy Award winner, actually needs NO parody words to be a perfect informatics song).
  • Workstations on wheels (proud mary)
  • Urology optimization (59th street bridge)
  • Clinical decision support (here comes the sun)
  • Billie Jean for PGx (pharmacogenomics)
  • Disruption – tradition (fiddler on the roof)
  • Super grouch (super freak)
  • Wild horses (Rolling Stones)
  • Scanners lament (500 miles)
  • Betty and the RAC (Elton John)
  • Home (Phillip Phillips)

Author: CT Lin

CMIO, UCHealth (Colorado); Professor, University of Colorado School of Medicine

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