Day 3 of Go Live! hospitals and clinics. And another uke song: UCHealth Rocky Mountain High


Command Center is hopping!
More hospital art
The Women and Infants’ wing has the best art

Finally, the Command Center begins to fill out with analysts supporting the full spectrum of IT areas: ambulatory, scheduling, inpatient, informatics, nursing, staff, health info management, security, networking, desktop support, interfaces, speech recognition, implementation specialists (jack-of-all-trades support).

Overall we are doing well. No big fires, just a steady stream of the usual. Printers not mapped to the right spot, meaning that printouts (after visit summary, printed orders for external labs, etc). Security challenges. Some clinics switched from ‘community connect’ to employed clinics, so all the clinicians have new security for logins an their previous personalized settings were ‘lost.’ Some test results are not flowing exactly as expected. So each of these requires investigation and fixing. It is rewarding to see issues come in and watch them be fixed within minutes to hours, since we are focused.

Fun fact: we’re using Microsoft Teams to communicate internally. All of my physicians in the Large PIG (physician informatics group) are on Teams. We have set up a communication channel called YVMC go live (Yampa Valley Medical Center), and conversation threads regarding clinic support as well as hospital support. As issues come and go, we post our conversation there, Facebook-like (except stored securely and not polluted by silly cat videos or rogue-bots), so that my entire team is not spammed by me, and anyone interested can dip into the conversation as needed, as each of them will rotate through Steamboat for 1-2 days, and can see all the issues posed and resolved previously. Teams is not perfect, but it is good-enough. We can link to shared calendars, to common file storage, to best practice tip sheets, for addresses of all the clinics. We can set it to “ping” us on our phones and our desktops, and can treat it as both email-like, file storage-like, as well as instant-message like. And our email congestion is slightly less.

Finally, another uke song:


CMIO’s take? Whew. Going back to the hotel to put my feet up. Back at it tomorrow.

Author: CT Lin

CMIO, UCHealth (Colorado); Professor, University of Colorado School of Medicine

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