Command center: Another day, another go live (and some uke songs)

I’m here at YVMC: Yampa Valley Medical Center in Steamboat CO for Friday’s Epic EHR go live. Setting up the command center, at least half the room is festive. Prepping for the inevitable phone calls. We are finishing up our Preflight sessions, an innovation we created to get docs ready for the big day. Beyond the classroom and online training, we put docs in front of our Physician Informaticists to discuss actual workflow and also to double check that they can login successfully, and finally to teach them some personalization within the EHR:

  • Create some auto-correct phrases to expand common abbreviations into readable words
  • Learn how to build macros for physical exam and review of systems
  • Learn how to build smartphrases for commonly typed statements that docs say: risks and benefits, usual treatment for common conditions, the ABCDE of melanoma screening, any of a dozen common items.
  • ‘Wrench in’ frequently used quick-reports that docs of that specialty use, to get at problem lists, diabetes reports, flowsheet trends

It is fascinating to meet a new crew of physicians. Fun to see what local culture has m built. We are proud to be joining such a reputable hospital in our front range and have them join the UCHealth family.

Reminds me of a ukulele song (I’ve Been Everywhere Man). And also Hospital of the Rising Sun.

Maybe this time there will be time to record ‘Epic Central.’ We’ll see.

CMIO’s take? It is good to be growing. Better than the alternative. Reminds us of the importance of our work, our vision for the Physician Informatics group: ‘We improve physician and team wellness and effectiveness by building extraordinary relationships and innovative tools.’

Author: CT Lin

CMIO, UCHealth (Colorado); Professor, University of Colorado School of Medicine

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