Book review: All The Pretty Horses

Rating: 5 stars.

Another book pilfered from my daughter’s bookshelf, reading for her seniors English course. Published in 1992, and a National Book Club winner.

The first paragraph is astounding, a panoply of senses, wistfulness, loneliness and a tremendous sense of loss. Read that first paragraph here:

Polysyndeton is one of many words my daughter can now use to show that my command of the English language diminishes daily. Apparently McCarthy uses repeated ‘ands’ to create flowing, breathless descriptions to overwhelming effect on the reader.

This is the story of John Grady Cole, a man who crosses the border into Mexico after his father dies and his adventures there and the bubbling emotions under the surface and the wide open spaces and the horses, so many horses, and falling in love, and prison, and fighting for his life, and escape and, maybe redemption.

Whew. Read the original. Waaay better.

CMIO’s take? People had real adventures before smartphones and GPS and Uber. Put down your electronics and read something simple and powerful. Of course, you’ll have to log in again to blog about it …

Author: CT Lin

CMIO, UCHealth (Colorado); Professor, University of Colorado School of Medicine

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