CT meditates: a comedy (8). Leading meditation (boring)


So I was asked to lead a short meditation in a workshop I was helping to conduct. We’re doing some work on Personal Resilience in our organization. I also gave a similar talk to some pharmacy residents, and decided to incorporate a brief guided meditation exercise (WITH ME AS GUIDE?!?!).

So, I did my best. I cultivated my “indoor voice” quiet-but-not-too-quiet, developed a script: “If you’re comfortable, sit with your feet flat on the floor; then if you’re comfortable, close your eyes; then think of your hands resting on your lap; then think of a string and balloon attached to the top of your head, gently straightening your neck and making your head feel light; then think of a heavy warm blanket around your shoulders, allowing them to relax downward.”

Of course, the feedback after the session from some polite participants: “Nice” and “Relaxing” and “It helped me clear my head.” My favorite, though was:

“Well, it felt much longer than 3 minutes and was kind of boring.”


Remember: those coming on the journey with me: 3 minutes of meditation every day! I’m holding both of us accountable to this important habit!

CMIO’s take? Meditation practice can actually help with statements I would have previously taken personally. Observe the statement, note it, put it aside, return to your breath. See?

Author: CT Lin

CMIO, UCHealth (Colorado); Professor, University of Colorado School of Medicine

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