Review: Death’s End

Death's End
Death’s End by Liu Cixin

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I did not believe the reviews. Three-Body was a terrific book, but reviewers said that book 2 was better, and then book 3 was even better. Well, believe it.

I was enthralled by the Three Body Problem. Celestial mechanics, virtual reality gaming done right, alien interaction over galactic distances, political upheaval, insoluble problems pulled together into a tight narrative.

I boggled at Dark Forest. Description of the principles of Cosmic Sociology (no kidding! I loved this construct and its corollary ideas), the suspicions across light-years. Just so well constructed and told.

And, now Death’s End. The author broadens his view to illustrate his point “The Universe is big, but Life is bigger.” And another point, that older civilizations end up using the laws of physics as weapons. What?!? Suffice it to say, the narratives set up in the previous books are kicked up another notch. Moreover, the author creates 3 compelling fairy-tales that are not only terrific stories in themselves, but completely crucial to the larger story-arc. This is my new favorite trilogy of all time.

What are you waiting for? Go read it.

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